The questionnaire returns a score on the basis of which clients fall in either of the category mentioned below. This assessment is made solely on the basis of the financial situation of the client and the answers selected by him / her.

Risk assessment and product Recommendations

If client scores less than 15 he is a low risk appetite client, if client scores between 15-35, he is a medium risk appetite client and if scores above 35 he is high risk appetite client.

Low risk appetite client will not be offered any services.

Risk Based Classification of the Services


  • Identifying your Investment Profile Please answer questions 1 – 16

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1. When would you need your capital back if you were to invest your money today ? *
2. What is the current amount of savings (Bank Deposits and Cash Equivalents) that you have now, when compared to your monthly income?*
3. What percentage of your income is spent on monthly loan repayments? *
4. How do you expect your future income to grow over the next five years? *
5. Do you have any experience with regard to investing? *
6. Would you speculate in the share market based solely on tips received from close friends?*
7. If your investment in the share market, which had been showing consistent returns, suddenly drops by 30% in value, would you ?*
8. What would you do if your investment in the share market went up by 20% within 6 months from now?*
9. Would you borrow money to purchase an investment that can give you potential returns?*
10. How much percentage of your monthly income are you willing to invest/ currently investing into financial market ? *
11. What is the value of your current liability? *
12. . How much assets do you own currently?*
13. Given the choice below, which one would you choose to invest in?*
14. If you were given an option of a new position that had a high pay rise but with less job security or another position that had a small pay rise but with greater job security, which would you choose?*
15. Studies suggest that an individual's employment status and tolerance to risk are related. Are you? *
16. If you are given RM10,000 for investment purposes and you must realise your investment in 1 year's time, which of the following options would you choose? *
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